Preface: Since its inception in July 2020, Zenlink has been building a sufficiently ultimate, open and universal cross-chain DEX protocol and committed to becoming the Polkadot cross-chain DEX infrastructure. So far, Zenlink has been steadily advancing the Roadmap and always announcing the technical progress to the community on time, meanwhile, it has also established partnerships with many high-quality parachain projects around the world, and the extensive ecological layout of multi-level and multi-domain has taken shape.

In order to let Zenlink community members understand Zenlink more clearly and quickly, the Zenlink team has completely upgraded and revamped the website. Now, Zenlink’s…

We are pleased to announce a strategic partnership between Zenlink and MathChain, a Layer2 parachain based on Substrate. The two parties will cooperate on the DeFi application on Polkadot Layer 2 and cross-chain asset transactions between parachains.

Zenlink is an underlying cross-chain DEX protocol based on Polkadot, by integrating Zenlink DEX Module, parachains can quickly have DEX capabilities and can share liquidity with other parachains. MathChain will integrate Zenlink DEX Module to share liquidity with other parachains and provide users with fast and convenient cross-chain asset transactions.

At the same time, MathChain is a Layer 2 parachain developed based on…

At present, the first batch of parachain slots auction in Kusama network is being carried out in an orderly manner. Karura and Moonriver have successively won the first two slots, followed by Shiden and so on.

This means that the original design concept of Polkadot has been implemented, and a new pattern of extensible and interoperable multi-chain network is about to be shaped. At the same time, the launch of many smart contract based parachains has also opened the prelude to the outbreak of Polkadot DeFi and applications.

As an important protocol layer project in the Polkadot DeFi stack, Zenlink…

In June, the Zenlink team focused on product development, and after Zenlink DEX Protocol successfully implemented three different versions of Module, WASM and EVM, we optimized and upgraded the features of each version, and Zenlink DEX Procotol will soon enter the external code audit stage.

As for Zenlink SlotVault, the first batch of cooperative projects have basically been accessed, and the mobile adaptation has also been completed to facilitate users’ access and use.

The following are the details of the June update.

Technology/product progress

Notes: Zenlink mainly consists of two core parts: Zenlink DEX Protocol and DApp. Zenlink Protocol will implement a…

On May 14, the Zenlink team announced the launch of ZenlinkDAO Bootstrapping Governance in an announcement made at the suggestion of the Zenlink Foundation.

After the announcement, the Zenlink Foundation received a large number of applications from the community, organizations and blockchain media. …

On June 3, the Zenlink team launched the first community idea competition, which was divided into two parts: Meme Idea Competition and Essay Competition.

Once the community idea competition was released, the Zenlink team received a large number of submissions from community members. By the end of the event, we received over 100+ Meme entries and 15+ article entries, fully feeling the enthusiasm and talent of the community members.

Before the official selection, the Zenlink team took into account the opinions from the community, and in order to prevent vote fraud, the winning Meme works were not selected by public…

On June 4, Zenlink held a lottery for the second batch of Explorer NFTs at SakeSwap. After the lottery began, some community members questioned the rules and fairness of the NFTs and sparked controversy. The Zenlink team has followed up on the feedback from the community members and communicated with the SakeSwap team to verify the incident.

After communication between the Zenlink team and the SakeSwap team, it has been determined that the NFT lottery logic is indeed different from the way community members understand random lotteries. …

Gavin Wood, the founder of Polkadot, officially announced the schedule for the Kusama slot auction yesterday, and the Kusama Network Parachain crowdloan campaign is now open. With Acala, Plasm and other parachain projects turning on crowdloan one after another, more and more community members are eagerly watching the launch of Zenlink SlotVault.

The Zenlink team would like to explain the launch of Zenlink SlotVault as follows.

SlotVault is a smart pool product built by Zenlink for Polkadot PLO. The platform aggregates many parachain projects that plan to bid for slots and other Polkadot eco-projects, encourages cooperation between projects and forms…

In May, Zenlink made good progress in technology development and community operation. Zenlink DEX Protocol v0.4 has successfully implemented three different versions of Module, WASM, and EVM, and the applicability of the platform has been dramatically improved. In the aspect of DApp development, DEX DApp v0.5 has been completed with two new main functions: intelligent routing and price trend chart; at the same time, SlotVault DApp, a new product built by the Zenlink team for Polkadot slot auction, has also been pre-released.

In terms of operation, Zenlink participated in a number of online and offline events in May, which greatly…

We are pleased to announce the launch of the second batch of Zenlink Explorer NFT!

We have previously published the full list of NFT releases generated in the first public test of Zenlink and will complete that portion of the NFT release in two batches.

The first batch of Explorer NFTs have been issued and the second batch of Explorer NFT releases have been launched, follow below to learn more.

Collection Duration

June 4, 2021 12:00 pm — June 7, 4:00 am (UTC)

Eligible Participants List

The second batch of Explorer NFT distribution method has been determined by community voting for the distribution of the…


Zenlink is a cross-chain DEX protocol based on Polkadot.

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