Announcement about the temporary suspension of Zenlink SlotVault launch

Gavin Wood, the founder of Polkadot, officially announced the schedule for the Kusama slot auction yesterday, and the Kusama Network Parachain crowdloan campaign is now open. With Acala, Plasm and other parachain projects turning on crowdloan one after another, more and more community members are eagerly watching the launch of Zenlink SlotVault.

The Zenlink team would like to explain the launch of Zenlink SlotVault as follows.

SlotVault is a smart pool product built by Zenlink for Polkadot PLO. The platform aggregates many parachain projects that plan to bid for slots and other Polkadot eco-projects, encourages cooperation between projects and forms a crowdloan supporter system to improve the success rate of parachain slot bidding, and provides users with multiple token incentives in the process of participating in PLO.

It should be noted that Zenlink SlotVault is a decentralized application (DApp), users voting for parachain projects through Zenlink SlotVault is the same as users voting for parachain projects through the official crowdloan module provided by Polkadot. The KSM/DOT contribution by users will go directly to Polkadot’s official crowdloan module and be locked and available on the chain without going through the Zenlink SlotVault platform or any Zenlink-related products.

The development of Zenlink SlotVault is now complete and is in a state of readiness to be launched with access to several parachain projects that will participate in the first slot bidding. However, as we all know, the government regulation in many regions including China has been tightened recently and considering that some of the users who will participate in PLO are located in the above-mentioned strongly regulated regions, there are still some risks.

After careful consideration, the Zenlink team has decided to postpone the launch of Zenlink SlotVault, and it is expected that it will not be launched during the first parachain slot auction.

In addition, the Zenlink team recommends that community members who wish to participate in crowdloan campaign for parachain projects (such as Acala/Plasm) that plan to bid on the first slots, refer to the participation methods provided by the relevant projects or participate directly through the official Polkadot crowdloan module in order to avoid unnecessary risks.

Finally, when Zenlink SlotVault is ready to launch, it will be announced to the community so that users can be the first to use it, thanks to the understanding and support of all community members!

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