Announcing the Zenlink Global Ambassador Program

What can you get as a Zenlink ambassador?

  • You will receive native tokens (ZLK) reward from Zenlink Network; the amount of ZLK reward is related to your participation and contribution as a Zenlink ambassador.
  • For your wonderful activities, we will provide reward tokens according to the success of the activities.
  • We would be happy to mail or send some Zenlink exclusive products to you.
  • Exclusive Zenlink NFT (guardian version).
  • Have a voice chat with the core team and other Zenlink ambassador communities, where we will discuss the future of Zenlink Network and listen to your feedback and suggestions.

Who we are looking for?

  • Be passionate and believe in Polkadot.
  • Recognizes Zenlink and wants to participate in the ecological development of Zenlink.
  • Interested in connecting with other people in the Polkadot community.
  • Glad to be able to influence the development of Zenlink Network.
  • Community leaders: have extensive educational experience in blockchain technology, DeFi, and decentralized products.
  • Avid Tweeters, Redditor, and other social media users: help us communicate Zenlink Network’s value to the wider community.
  • Enthusiastic community members: keen to follow DeFi’s cutting-edge trends and firmly believe in the future of cross-chain DEX and have a Web3.0 vision.
  • Testers and developers: intend to improve the Zenlink Network user experience and help find errors as we develop.
  • Those who believe in the potential of Zenlink Network: have a deep understanding of what Zenlink Network is doing and firmly believe that we will work together to build a new generation of DEX networks.

How can you help us as a Zenlink ambassador?


  • Translation of our content/blog articles/documents; add subtitles to our videos.
  • Create use case guides and tutorials in different languages.
  • Write blog posts and articles about Zenlink Network platforms, tools, and ecosystems.
  • Create videos that showcase Zenlink Network platforms, tools, and values.
  • Incorporate creativity into our design, including graphics, presentations, and memes

Events and gatherings

  • Organize, host, and lead local events for Zenlink Network.
  • Organize monthly conference calls and other ad hoc meetings with the core team and your local community.
  • Seek and deliver presentation opportunities to Zenlink Network’s core contributors.
  • Hold occasional educational seminars to teach your community the greatness of Zenlink and what kind of trading network Zenlink Network advocates.
  • Hold hackathons and other events that bring the Zenlink community together

Social media broadcasting

  • Promote Zenlink Network on various social media and replay our announcement/message.
  • Forwarding and commenting on Zenlink Network posts.
  • Respond to community conversations inside and outside the Zenlink Network social channel and maintain a positive dialogue with others about the value of Zenlink.

Technical projects and products

  • Be the eyes and ears of our user community and propose which new key products and features the Zenlink Network core team should develop.
  • Test platform functionality and identify/report errors.
  • Assist in fixing bugs, contributing code, and building new features and tools.
  • Assist in the preparation of product documentation


Application review

How do I apply to join the Ambassador Program?

About Zenlink



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Zenlink is a cross-chain DEX protocol based on Polkadot.