Announcing the Zenlink Global Ambassador Program

6 min readNov 11, 2021


Over the past year, Zenlink has been keeping a low profile and polishing our product, but as we have the support of well-known VCs such as Alameda Research and the main net going online, Zenlink has gradually attracted more and more people’s attention. We are therefore pleased to announce the launch of the Zenlink Global Ambassador Program, which is open to all community members of Polkadot, Ethereum, and other ecosystems who want to be part of the Zenlink Network.

Everyone can apply to join and participate deeply in Zenlink Network, and once you are selected as Zenlink Ambassador, you will have exclusive access to the core development team and will be invited to our private team discussion channel. So you will be able to communicate directly with the team and get updates on our roadmap and plans before others. In short, we are excited about the support from the community, and let’s learn more details together. (Application link at the end of the article)

What can you get as a Zenlink ambassador?

Becoming a Zenlink ambassador will bring you some huge benefits. In addition to keeping in close touch with the team and getting the latest news before others, you will also get many other benefits.

  • You will receive native tokens (ZLK) reward from Zenlink Network; the amount of ZLK reward is related to your participation and contribution as a Zenlink ambassador.
  • For your wonderful activities, we will provide reward tokens according to the success of the activities.
  • We would be happy to mail or send some Zenlink exclusive products to you.
  • Exclusive Zenlink NFT (guardian version).
  • Have a voice chat with the core team and other Zenlink ambassador communities, where we will discuss the future of Zenlink Network and listen to your feedback and suggestions.

Who we are looking for?

The Zenlink Global Ambassador Program is open to everyone and anyone can apply, as long as you think you meet the following criteria:

  • Be passionate and believe in Polkadot.
  • Recognizes Zenlink and wants to participate in the ecological development of Zenlink.
  • Interested in connecting with other people in the Polkadot community.
  • Glad to be able to influence the development of Zenlink Network.

Of course, the priority will be given to you if you are one of the following talents we are looking for:

  • Community leaders: have extensive educational experience in blockchain technology, DeFi, and decentralized products.
  • Avid Tweeters, Redditor, and other social media users: help us communicate Zenlink Network’s value to the wider community.
  • Enthusiastic community members: keen to follow DeFi’s cutting-edge trends and firmly believe in the future of cross-chain DEX and have a Web3.0 vision.
  • Testers and developers: intend to improve the Zenlink Network user experience and help find errors as we develop.
  • Those who believe in the potential of Zenlink Network: have a deep understanding of what Zenlink Network is doing and firmly believe that we will work together to build a new generation of DEX networks.

How can you help us as a Zenlink ambassador?

As a Zenlink ambassador, the first thing you need to do is to be accountable to the community, so your first priority is to make sure that all of our news is disseminated as widely as possible. In addition, Zenlink Network is still in its early stage of development, so please help us to tell others as much as possible about Zenlink Network.

We have no specific rules of responsibility for Zenlink ambassadors, and we believe that our community is diverse and that different ambassadors can bring different skills and talents to help us develop our community. We look forward to talking to qualified candidates from different backgrounds

Zenlink ambassadors can help up in the following aspects:


  • Translation of our content/blog articles/documents; add subtitles to our videos.
  • Create use case guides and tutorials in different languages.
  • Write blog posts and articles about Zenlink Network platforms, tools, and ecosystems.
  • Create videos that showcase Zenlink Network platforms, tools, and values.
  • Incorporate creativity into our design, including graphics, presentations, and memes

Events and gatherings

  • Organize, host, and lead local events for Zenlink Network.
  • Organize monthly conference calls and other ad hoc meetings with the core team and your local community.
  • Seek and deliver presentation opportunities to Zenlink Network’s core contributors.
  • Hold occasional educational seminars to teach your community the greatness of Zenlink and what kind of trading network Zenlink Network advocates.
  • Hold hackathons and other events that bring the Zenlink community together

Social media broadcasting

  • Promote Zenlink Network on various social media and replay our announcement/message.
  • Forwarding and commenting on Zenlink Network posts.
  • Respond to community conversations inside and outside the Zenlink Network social channel and maintain a positive dialogue with others about the value of Zenlink.

Technical projects and products

  • Be the eyes and ears of our user community and propose which new key products and features the Zenlink Network core team should develop.
  • Test platform functionality and identify/report errors.
  • Assist in fixing bugs, contributing code, and building new features and tools.
  • Assist in the preparation of product documentation


This is by no means an exclusive list of the responsibilities as a Zenlink Ambassador. If you have any special talents and other ideas, please describe them in your application!

Application review

As mentioned earlier, Zenlink Network will be very picky about its ambassadors. We expect a lot of applications, so we can’t respond to everyone, but we will review the applications on a rolling basis.

We will be examining our first batch of Zenlink Ambassador candidates within the Zenlink Discord server. Then they will go through a two-week trial period, where they will be allowed to demonstrate their enthusiasm as Zenlink Ambassadors.

Once passed the two-week trial period, we will officially list them as Zenlink ambassadors, and begin to reward their activities in promoting and helping Zenlink Network development!

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask us on Discord. All applications will be accepted on a rolling basis. If you are selected, we will reach out to you!

Unfortunately, we may not have time to respond to every application. So we want to take this opportunity to thank you in advance for your attention. We sincerely look forward to welcoming some excellent Zenlink ambassadors to join us to build Web3 together!

How do I apply to join the Ambassador Program?

If you have read the above and still want to become a Zenlink Ambassador, you can apply by following the link:

Once your application is approved, we will send an email inviting you to join a specific channel in the Zenlink Discord server and add a role for you. More details about how the ambassador program will follow will also be posted on that channel, so please feel free to apply actively.

About Zenlink

Zenlink is an underlying cross-chain DEX protocol based on Polkadot and is committed to becoming the DEX composable hub of Polkadot. By accessing the ultimate, open, and universal cross-chain DEX protocol based on Substrate, Zenlink DEX Protocol enables all parachains to build DEX and achieve liquidity sharing in one click. Zenlink DEX Protocol includes Module, WASM, and EVM implementations, which are flexible and adaptable, allowing for customizable compositions and interoperability with different DeFi modules.

In addition, the Zenlink DEX Aggregator connects all DEX DApps on Polkadot and aggregates liquidity, providing a low slippage trading experience for users. Zenlink DEX Composable Hub enables developers to access the Zenlink DEX Module to build their own unique DEXs, forming a DEX composable hub for the Polkadot ecosystem. Currently, Zenlink has received 2 rounds of Web3 Foundation Grants and investments from several well-known institutions such as Alameda Research, Hashkey, IOSG, Continue, OKEx Blockdream Ventures, and Hypersphere.

For more information:

📍 — Website | Twitter| Github | Telegram EN | Telegram CN | Announcements Channel

📚 — Whitepaper | Tokenomics




Zenlink is a cross-chain DEX protocol based on Polkadot.