Zenlink Project Updates (December 2021 — February 2022)

Technology/product progress

DEX Protocol

  • Zenlink DEX Protocol officially integrates with Moonbeam and launches the liquidity incentive program.
  • The deployment of Zenlink Farming v2 to the Moonriver and Moonbeam parachains provides the community with a new Farming mechanism that is long-term and includes multiple rewards.
  • Deploy Zenlink Bootstrap v2 on Moonriver and Bifrost. Users can participate in Booststrap to provide liquidity and receive additional token rewards such as ZLK.
  • The team refactored the WASM version of the Zenlink DEX Protocol and deployed it to the Gear network’s staging testnet. the Gear ecosystem’s excellent infrastructure makes the contract work very well. We are looking forward to working with Gear on the WASM contract.
  • We have published the security audit report of the Zenlink DEX Protocol EVM contract, the security audit company is SlowMist. And the corresponding smart contract code is open-sourced on the Moonscan (Moonriver&Moonbeam) and Github.
  • The security audit of the Zenlink DEX Protocol Substrate version was also completed by the SlowMist team and the audit report is expected to be officially published in March 2022.
  • Zenlink’s public benefit substrate module, Merkle Pallet, has been integrated into Bifrost and is working successfully. It uses the Merkle proof method to provide the Dotsama community with a convenient, fast and safe way to airdrop.
  • “Hybrid AMM” is under intense development. The “Stable AMM” part will provide a low slippage trading experience for stable coins, while the smart route will connect the “Stable AMM” and “Standard AMM” to provide users with more favorable all-currency trading prices.


  • X-Transfer feature launched! X-Transfer allows users to complete one-stop “cross-chain transfer + swap” within Zenlink DEX DApp, which already supports various assets including KSM(xcKSM)/KAR/RMRK(xcRMRK)/KINT(xcKINT), etc.
  • The “Limit Order” beta is now live on Moonriver and Moonbeam, allowing users to set prices to make trades using limit order.
  • Optimized page request loading. By removing redundant API requests and using multicall to merge web3 requests, the home page loads faster, and by parallelizing wss requests, users can see all of the farming pools on 3 parachains at the same time without wallet connect.
  • We have developed an API for real-time ZLK circulation, which allows users to see real-time ZLK issuance in the upper right corner of the DApp and search for it on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko, etc.
  • The UI of the Swap module has been upgraded so that users can now see the dollar value of traded assets in real-time.
  • The team is working on the Zenlink DEX SDK, which connects multiple parachains that Zenlink has deployed, and developers will get a simple and smooth development experience to seamlessly use the Zenlink DEX Protocol in any application.

Ecological cooperation progress

Community/promotion progress

Community News

  • ZLK (Zenlink Network Token) is listed on Coingecko, ComMarketCap, FTX (formerly Blockfolio), and DotMarketCap, we will continue to update the API to accurately track the ZLK. And data of Zenlink is tracked by DefiLlama, DeBank, DEX Screener, and vfat.tools.
  • Rewards were distributed to users who participated in Calamari, Altair, Kintsugi, and Bit.Country Pioneer parachain crowdloan through Zenlink SlotVault (the second phase of rewards was completed in early March).
  • Zenlink Discord server has been set up and the Global Ambassador Program has been launched.
  • vETH, an ETH2.0 derivative issued by Bifrost, has been listed on Zenlink and launched a Bootstrap and Liquidity Incentive Program, making it the first ETH2.0 derivative to enter Polkadot. Furthermore, vETH Staking gains have been added to the Zenlink LP Farming pool, where users staking vETH/ETH LP will earn ZLK+vETH rewards.
  • First ZLK buyback and burn completed, total 206680.6 ZLK was burned, more details can be found at: https://twitter.com/ZenlinkPro/status/1470786286319509511?s=20
  • Launched new feature X-Transfer. X-Transfer is a one-stop cross-chain Transfer aggregator MVP, which aggregates Substrate<>Subrtate cross-chain bridge and EVM<>Substrate cross-chain bridge and Token Transfer function, helping users to seamlessly connect cross-chain, transfer, and swap. Currently, X-Transfer supports cross-chain transfer between Kusama and Moonriver/Bifrost, as well as cross-chain transfer between multiple parachains, involving assets such as KSM(xcKSM)/KAR/RMRK(xcRMRK)/KINT(xcKINT). Learn more: https://wiki.zenlink.pro/zenlink-dex-dapp/x-transfer
  • Released Zenlink open source program, which is generally divided into three steps: Blockchain Explorer open source, published audit report and Github source code open source, Zenlink team will follow the steps to implement Zenlink open source work. So far the team has completed Blockchain Explorer open source, published audit reports, and Github source code open source, Bug Bounty Program soon.
  • Released Zenlink roadmap update, Learn more here: https://twitter.com/ZenlinkPro/status/1497152064212054019?s=20&t=22PBepL8Ce_tKYHfAp5AdA
  • Regular LP farming, trading mining, and invite2earn event adjustments.

Branding Events

  • On December 4, Zenlink was invited to participate in Polkadot’s first Metaverse Meetup hosted by PolkaWorld, with the participation of projects including Acala, Astar, Bifrost, Litentry, Parallel, Zeitgeist, etc. Zenlink community ambassador Toga joined as guest speaker. Recap: https://twitter.com/polkaworld_org/status/1468529382663012354?s=20&t=22PBepL8Ce_tKYHfAp5AdA
  • On December 16, Zenlink contributor Leo Guo joined the Bifrost community AMA, sharing with Bifrost council member Tyrone about vETH, the collaboration between the two parties, and future plans for the community.
  • On January 8, Zenlink core contributor Leo Guo was invited to share at the Connected Smart Contracts Meetup Hangzhou hosted by Chainlink.
  • On January 13, Zenlink contributor Leo Guo joined the Polkawarriors Community AMA as a guest to discuss and share the topic of “The first cross-chain DEX protocol on Moonbeam”.
  • On January 20th, Leo Guo was invited to participate in the Moonbeam Universe AMA at the Moonbeam Chinese Community to share everything about Zenlink and Moonbeam.
  • On January 26th, Zenlink was invited to participate in the Moonriver Eco Festival Twitter Space live event hosted by Polkawarriors to discuss and share with Impossible Finance, Linear Finance, RomeDAO, SubDAO, UniLend Finance, and other projects, and the CEO Purestake Derek Yoo participated in it as well.
  • On February 9, Zenlink co-hosted the Dotsama Discussion Twitter Space with RMRK, Moonriver, and Bifrost.



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Zenlink is a cross-chain DEX protocol based on Polkadot.